install postgresql on ubuntu

| Monday, July 13, 2009

It turns out that I have to create database myself. I decided to install postgresql on my ubuntu server, and dump treebase data into it.

To install postgresql 8.3 on Ubuntu 9.04, basically I followed the steps in this article. Although the author was addressing an earlier version of Ubuntu (8.04), I found the steps are still correct.

This post is based on postgresql 8.1. It also shows how to make the current user a superuser.

I also installed pgadmin3 on another ubuntu box where I have a ubuntu desktop installed. I found that in order to access the server remotely, I have to do the following on the server:

1. Add port 5432 to the allowed list
2. Give user a password. Do something like
<code>sudo su postgres -c psql 
=# ALTER USER myusername WITH PASSWORD 'password';
=# \q